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Max, a 17-Year-Old Dog, Deaf and Mostly Blind, Saved a 3-Year-Old Girl

November 08, 2018 1 min read

Aurora was lost in a rural region of Australia. For the more than 15 hours, she was alone with her dog. Max can barely hear and can only slightly see out of his right eye. He rescued and saved this little 3-year-old girl, who was lost in the Australian bushland. He received a police honor.



Aurora left her family’s property around 3 p.m., which is situated in the rural region of Queensland, close to a town of 12,000 people that’s known for its custom socks.


Searches by foot and by plane hadn’t yielded any results. After a night of storms, more than 100 police officers and volunteers went back to searching for the little girl in the early morning.


Aurora’s exhausted grandmother climbed the steep terrain with difficulty, calling her beloved granddaughter’s name. “All the sudden, I heard Max barking at the top of his lungs,” she explained. “So, I shot up the mountain and came face-to-face with Max. He happily led me straight to Aurora, who was crouched on the ground crying. Luckily, she was in good health, and only suffered a few minor scrapes.”


“Max is a brave, 17-year-old Blue Heeler who watched over and protected his young human all night,” the Queensland police officers declared. “You’re such a good boy, Max! We’re going to make you an honorary police dog for life!”

It goes without saying that Max was the happiest dog in the world that day.