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5 Reasons Your Cat Doesn't Drink Out of Its Bowl

November 08, 2018 2 min read

The shower, the flower vase – your cat loves to drink water anywhere and everywhere, except out of its water bowl.  Don’t stress, here’s 5 good reasons why this happens.


  1. Contrary to dogs, cats are hunters, above all else. Their instincts tell them not to drink water too close to where they killed their prey, because the water could be contaminated, making it dangerous to drink. So, they react the same way to their water bowl.
  2. They don’t like the way the water tastes. Cats like to drink fresh, clean water. If the water in their bowl isn’t changed regularly, they won’t drink it. Dirty water can easily make a cat sick. Cats know this, so they’re very cautious.
  3. It’s also possible that the bowl isn’t in the right place. Cats are smart, they evaluate and plan for all possible dangers around them. For example, if the bowl is against wall, the cat will be forced to turn its back on the rest of the room, and it won’t be comfortable. The cat can’t monitor the situation and get away easily if there’s a problem.
  4. Another reason could be that the cat doesn’t like the bowl. Some cats prefer a bowl that smells like clay or ceramic. Even aluminum might be okay, but plastic is a no-go, as it can retain foul odors. Furthermore, the cat’s whiskers shouldn’t touch the sides of the bowl, so the bowl must be plenty big.
  5. Cats have a hard time seeing stagnant water. Cats are very visual beings. So, when water is flowing from a faucet, cats can locate it easily, and are therefore more attracted by this water source than the bowl.


The bottom line is that drinking water is important for cats, especially if they eat dry kibble. So, you must make the necessary arrangements to make sure your cat gets enough to drink. If you’re having trouble, a special custom cat fountain may be helpful.