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25% of French People Prefer to Spend Valentine's Day With Their Cat or Dog

November 08, 2018 2 min read

On February 14th, would you rather stay home in your socks, cozy and warm, with your sweet furry friend? A recent poll proves that you’re not the only one.


We all know that pets offer direct, unconditional love, but you might not know that 39% of French people think their pet is funnier than their significant other. According to 52% of the people surveyed, when faced with life’s challenges, being with their cat or dog is the most effective way to lift their mood!


Almost one out of every two French people say that their pet offers them more affection than their life partner. And 21% find their pet to be more loyal and consistent.


But it’s not just pets’ character that has won over the hearts of the French. Physical appearance also plays a role. In fact, 43% of French people would prefer to show a picture of their cat or dog to their friends rather than a picture of their partner. And 47% chose a picture of their pet over a picture of their significant other for their phone background. For 48% of couples, selfies have been replaced by pictures of their pets sleeping or eating their favorite meal.


One small downside of pets is that they tend to restrict French people’s sexual relationships. One out of five French people says that their pet hinders their love life, either by interrupting them in the throes of passion, or by forcing them to cancel a romantic date.


In conclusion, pet love is largely in competition with human love…and often it's the cute little furball that wins!